Eye Care Services

Due to the importance of an eye examination we believe that this should not be rushed, each eye consultation is a minimum of 30 minutes allowing us time to cover all of your needs and possible concerns and allowing time for full and thorough eye health assessment and discussion.

Your eye health is very important and can tell us things about your general health not just the eyes.

For the best assessment of eye health we offer retinal photography which allows us to check in greater detail but then also store these images for comparison in future visits to monitor for any subtle changes.

It is advisable to have an eye examination at least every 2 years.

Minor Eye Conditions Service (MECS)

We are accredited to provide the Minor Eye Conditions Service, this service allows those patients with a Stockport GP who are suffering with a range of acute eye problems to seek our expert advise and attention. For more information visit: www.stockportmecs.co.uk.

Children’s eye care

Children’s vision is very important and should be checked at least once a year to ensure the vision is developing normally and the health of the eyes is good. We are happy to see children of any age but believe assessment before the age of 4 ensures early detection of any eye problems. Your child does not need to know the letters, their eye examination is very different to yours, some would say it is fun!

Diabetic retinopathy screening

We are involved with the South Manchester Diabetic Eye Screening Service which as a diabetic registered with a GP practice in South Manchester entitles you to an annual screening appointment with us. This annual check is extremely important as diabetes can cause problems at the back of the eye which in the early stages is not noticeable to you, regular screening allows for early detection of any minor changes and subsequent changes to your diabetic treatment to prevent deterioration if appropriate.

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